What’s in a Name?

     Today was a typical Tuesday…and it was Tuesday all day long.  For a little fun on this typical Tuesday, I’m linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals (who I just love) for Show & Tell Tuesday.  This time it’s all about names…our names, our babies’ names, etc.

     To start things off, my name (now) is Allyson Butler McGuire, but my maiden name is Allyson Camille Butler.  I know I’m a little partial, but I’ve always liked my name.  Plus, before I was married, my monogram was ABC. Love.
     My husband is Keith Wilson.  He doesn’t go by both ever…but I do call him Keith Wilson a lot, or KW, or Keithasaur (that one’s probably his fave).  I don’t know a ton of Keiths, so that’s nice.  Not just a John Doe.

Finally an Easter picture!

     When we started thinking of names for our baby, we settled on one really quickly.  This could be because I have 4+ names in the old think tank.  I would tell you all of them, but I’m saving them for future babies…so you’ll have to wait.  We were totally settled on a boy name and a girl name, so it was really just a matter of choosing.  Once we found out we were having a boy, the choice was made.  Then when Keith started telling people, he told them the wrong middle name.  It was one that we liked and wanted to use, but not the one we picked…or so I thought.  As it turns out, I started to love the way it sounded, and Davis Malcolm stuck!  There’s no special meaning behind Davis other than that we just love it, but Malcolm is my dad’s middle name and his dad’s middle name (he’s a junior).  Since my dad’s the only boy on our side of the family (until now), we liked the idea of using his name.

I’m not super into name meanings, but I do kind of think they’re fun to look at.
Allyson means noble.  I do have a light up tiara so…
Camille means perfect.  Need I say more?
Keith is apparently a place name of unknown meaning.
Wilson means son of William (which is strong-willed warrior)
Davis means son of David (which is beloved)
Malcolm means follower of St. Columba

     I can’t wait to read about all of your names and baby names!  I’m always interested in what other people choose for names, so I’ll definitely be prowling the link up!


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