Monday, February 9, 2015

Let’s Talk Babies

     Actually let’s back up a little.  My daddy grew up with three sisters.  Then he got married and had two baby girls.  Then my sister had two baby girls.  We know a lot about hair bows and dresses and girl things.  We were totally prepared for more smocked dresses and socks with lace on them.  But…after all these girls, we are getting a sweet baby BOY!

boy quote
As if I needed another reason to cry at The Giving Tree.

     We are over the moon to have a sweet boy to bring home!  Every single person I’ve talked to has said, “Little boys are so sweet…they love their mamas.”  I know being a boy mom is a big (BIG) job, but I am so excited!  Do you know how many sweet boy clothes there are?! 
     We didn’t do any sort of a “reveal.”  How in the world could we have waited to tell everyone?!  Knowing has made this whole experience so much more real.  Now that we know, I’m not picturing us with a little girl and millions of hair bows (yet).  Now I’m wondering what life is going to be like with a boy.  Knowing my husband, I’m envisioning worms and frogs in pockets and lots of camouflage…and loving every minute of it.  We still have almost 16 weeks before he makes his debut, but for now, he’s making his presence known in a big way and with lots of sweet kicks.  I know I already said it, but it feels so real now.  He has a name, and we’re on back half of this thing, and in a few weeks, we get to meet him!  Can you tell we’re excited?