Talk About Timing

     Welcome back!  Look at me with two posts so close together!  Remember about three months ago when I talked about finding balance?  I didn’t.  Remember that cute classroom I talked about?  It’s gone.  It’s actually still there…I’m just inhabiting a different classroom. 
     Things have been a little busy over here.  I’m now teaching third grade.  I made this transition very maturely with only minimal (okay moderate) crying.  Third grade is hard, y’all.  And a lot of them are bigger than I am.
     But not for long…………….
     The day that I started my move to my new classroom (talk about timing), Keith and I found out that we’ll be welcoming a new little person into this world in May!  We are so excited!  Warning: every sentence until the end of the post may end in an exclamation point!  We have no cutesy announcement photos.  We have no idea what it is.  We cannot wait!  Baby is expected to be here at the end of May.  (My sister is already calling it her birthday gift…)


I realize this photo has basically nothing to do with the post, but with my habit of never, ever taking pictures at the right time this is likely to be our last photo as a family of two.  (Also I can’t stand to have a post with no picture.)  It’s certainly our last as a family of two at the beach!

     I’ll be back very soon with a post about all things baby…I mean it this time because it’s already written and scheduled.  Did I mention that we are so excited?!?!

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