Fa la la la la

     la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!  Is that an echo I hear?  I’m the only one left?  I just thought with Christmas being right around the corner (eeeeeeeeee!), that I would share our Christmas decorations…since next year they may be somewhat less excessive.  Let me just say: I tried to be a good blogger and use my camera, but as soon as I turned it on, the screen died.  That being said, enjoy the iphone pictures!

Let’s start with the main event!

     It’s mostly the same as last year only way more full.  How in the world did I not realize that  last year’s tree was so naked?!  It’s a wonder I was even allowed to celebrate.  This year, I did find three more glitter pom-pom picks to top my tree.  Winning.  Aaaaaand I have a much healthier collection of ornaments.

From top left: (1) My sparkly girly tree…I’m not sure how much longer I’ll get away with putting this one out. (2) My beloved – I’ll be buried with this one… (3) Oh cupcakes, I’ll be adding to this one as long as Hallmark keeps making cupcake ornaments. (4) I love the nativities. The Jim Shore angel was a wedding gift, and my sister got me that cute tiny one! (5) When a tree is less than $5 you buy it.  No questions asked. (6) My Nana made this.  Aren’t they sweet?! (7) This little pewter nativity is teeny tiny…like half the size of one of my fingers. (8) You just can never have too many, even when it starts looking like a baby Jesus emergency room.

     Clearly the house is fully decorated, but I’ve yet to wrap a present.  I have lots of Christmas treats that I’m doing a poor job of staying away from.  Even with all the hustle and bustle, I have found so many moments to stop and really be mindful of what all of this is about…and I am so thankful.

He came as a baby, but He’s coming back as a King.  I’m so thankful that His story isn’t over and that because of Him neither is ours.  I’m so glad that Christmas isn’t over after the 25th.  It’s not over after the gifts.  It’s not over after the decorations are boxed up and the resolutions are made (and broken).  It’s not over until He comes back!

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