Tuesday, July 22, 2014

About that Burger

     When your husband wants needs a new bow, the best way to say yes is to make a date out of it.  After nine billion hours of research, he found “the one” at Bass Pro Shop, so we headed to Memphis to make a day of it.  Naturally, the most exciting part of his day was playing Robin Hood.  The most exciting part of my day was eating.  Thanks to a tip from Groupon, we headed to The Green Beetle (…although we didn’t actually use the Groupon).


     I’m a sucker for a cool atmosphere (and I realize how uncool that sounds), and Keith was totally embarrassed by the fact that I was taking pictures in a restaurant. 

That giant stained glass (that you can’t really see) above the bar shows the restaurant full of big green people beetles.  So cute.

     On to more important things.  I got the Beetle Burger.  Just your traditional burger.  Except it was anything but…


     So good.  The onion rings (pilfered off of Keith’s Bandito Burger) were so good.  And the giant steak cut fries…so good.  But the bread…oh the bread on that burger.  I am not lying when I say it was some of the best bread I’ve ever had.  Also, I am in no way embarrassed by this ode to bread.  Please go eat a Beetle Burger.  Make sure you go on Burger Tuesday so you can get all this for only $6.


     So, with all of our important goals met – him: bow, me: lunch, we spent the rest of the afternoon just walking around downtown (people watching).  I’m so glad we got to have a little day date before school starts back, and we’re busy all time! 


     Did you go on any fun dates this summer?  Did you eat any amazing burgers this summer?  We’re about T minus one week until I’m back to work here, so I’ll be keeping busy for the next little bit and getting my workout in by cleaning out my classroom.  It counts.

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