Better Days are Coming

     I think I’m late to the party again; I’ve been seeing this cute little #100happydays thing going around on Instagram…and I had to Google it to make sure it was a real thing.  Now that I know that it is in fact a real thing, I’m going to do what I usually do and jump on the bandwagon late and probably fall off early.  Feel free to peruse my Instagram and see if I ever actually start it.
     In other news, in two and a half days you will no longer be reading from a first year teacher!  I have almost made it through a full year of teaching! (Is there a punctuation mark stronger than an exclamation mark?)

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     All of that means it’s almost summer.  Really it is.  I  can almost taste it – or maybe that’s the chicken we grilled earlier.  In less than one week, I plan to be sitting in the sun and eating summertime food and doing all of the things that mean summer!
     On that note, we have about a month until time to head to the beach, and I could not be more ready.  I’ve finally found some swimsuits that fit.  The meal plan has been made, and I’ve been looking at the place we’re staying just pretending I’m there.  Anybody else pretending to be on vacation?


Katie said...

congrats on one year almost done! hello summer break!!!

Allison said...

Congratulations on being almost finished with your first year of teaching. I promise it only gets easier! Happy almost summer vacation too. Hooray!