Clearly blogging is my weekend thing now (…sometimes).  Today, Keith is working, and I’m cleaning out the DVR (while I should be cleaning the house).  Also, I think I’ve figured out why I’m in a blog rut.  Answer: I don’t ever take pictures…or leave the house.  Am I complaining?  Not at all.  Keith and I so enjoy hanging out at home and watching our shows (Vikings and The Walking Dead if you’re curious).  Maybe I’ll commit to taking pictures of my dinner and my pajamas, so you can get the full experience.
     Do you know what I want to get the full experience of?  Warm weather.  Not hot…not summer…just springtime.  We keep getting these beautiful weekend days and then swinging right back to frigid and rainy.  Boo.  Plus Keith just bought a fishing boat, and even though I have no desire to fish or touch slimy things, I could go and sit in the sun.

I’ve named it “Allyson on the Beach,” but Keith says I can’t paint that onto the boat. 

     I know it’s cold and drizzly now (here at least), but here’s hoping we’ll get some seasonable temperatures.  I’ve got one week of work then SPRING BREAK, so I need for it to be nice outside.  I’ve only got like two plans, but dreary weather is not one of them.  I’ll let you know how it turns out…maybe.

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