Finish This…

     I’ve been seeing this fun little linky floating around for a few weeks now, so as per usual, I’m jumping on the bandwagon a little late.  Oh well…


I know this is weird, but…when I watch TV, I like to keep the volume set to an even or benchmark number.  It’s almost a little frustrating when it’s on 7 or 13 or something else terrible like that.  I should probably work on what I let frustrate me.

When I stop at a stoplight I…usually look around to see if I know anybody around me.  Nosy much?  I don’t wave or anything; I’m just curious as to who’s out and about.

My guilty pleasure is…anything on Lifetime…and Gypsy Sisters…and mindless television in general.

My favorite way to unwind…see the aforementioned mindless television.  Also, a hot, hot shower with hopefully unlimited hot water.

     Reviewing that list makes me sound kind of lazy (hey, it’s spring break, so I have an excuse)…if you need me for the rest of the day, I’ll be cleaning house and pretending to be active. 

     In unrelated news, I made these fun little pizza puffs for dinner the other night, and could have eaten about 20.  So good and so, so easy.  Sometimes it’s nice to be domestic (especially if it only takes 15 minutes).

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Nicole M. Hutchison said...

You have to share the recipe!!!!!