Sunday, February 9, 2014

Breakfast for Dinner…and Other Things I Love

     Let me just tell you…there are few things I love more in this world than breakfast for supper.  When you couple that with a The Walking Dead marathon, I’m basically set for awhile.  Thankfully, last night delivered…


     FYI…that’s not ketchup.  According to my sister, Keith is a “biscuit-dipping weirdo,” and sometimes we share our weirdness.  He mixes his jelly and butter, and then dips his biscuit in it…it’s not that bad (don’t tell him that I said that).
     We got to cozy up on the couch and marathon watch one of our faves (which is coming back in T minus 2 hours and some minutes – woop woop).  Aren’t those the best kinds of nights. 

     In other exciting news, we woke up to the fluffiest snow the other day…


     I still had to go to work…boo, but Keith was sweet enough to harvest me some snow for snow cream!  Strangely, this snow was only in one little section of town and only on the roads.  There was almost none in the grass, and my parents got zero.  I like to think that it was a special snow just for me…that’s a thing right?
     That’s all we’ve got going on here.  Unless you’ve got any ideas for a husband Valentine’s Day present…  Keith likes to give presents (the nerve, right?!), and I never know what to get him.  If you need me, I’ll be frantically shopping for a gift for the most difficult person to shop for on this earth my sweet husband.  Ooooooorrrrrrr…I’ll be on the couch with said husband bawling my eyes out to a new episode of The Walking Dead.

Yep…this is much better.

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