Bandwagon Posting

     I’m not generally a bandwagon jumper, but it’s the end of the year, and who doesn’t love a good “Goodbye to the Old, Hello to the New” post?  In January, I posted about some attainable goals…womp womp.  Out of 3 (three!) goals, I accomplished 1.6. 
1.  I am going to spend more time in the Word.  (In SMART words:  I am going to read my Bible three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evening.  I am by no means saying I don’t want to do this more often, but I’m starting with what I know I’ll do.  The more I’ll read, the more I’ll want to read…that’s the real goal.) – Welllllll…I didn’t do so hot on this one.  That’s not to say that I don’t feel like my faith has really grown this year though.  Keith and I have been doing much better about reading together, but as far as the actual goal I set out – .3% accomplished
2.  I am going to get a job in my field. (This one is a little more difficult in SMART words:  I can’t put a time frame on this because I don’t know God’s exact plan for me.  I do know He has a job for me though…I’m just out here looking for it.) – Done and done – 100% accomplished
3.  I’m going to go through my closet (to sort, organize, and donate) three times this year, in April, August, and December. – Bahahaha…I occasionally tossed out things I hadn’t been wearing, but as for whole clean outs? No. Not even a little. – .3% accomplished.
     All that being said, I am not making resolutions for 2014.  Keith and I definitely have some things we want to (and will) accomplish, but not hard and fast resolutions.  What do I want to get done?
1.  Pay off my student loans.  This one should be accomplished by October/November (hopefully earlier).  As exciting as this will be…it’s really just a stair step, but it will free us up to focus on Keith’s student loans.
2.  Take a trip.  We’ll be going to the beach this summer (*sigh*), but we are hoping to get away even for just a few days this spring.
3.  Buy a dresser.  The one we have now, while beautiful, is not terribly functional and is much more suited to being a television stand.
     Thrilling right?  We definitely have more we want to do, but these are the ones that are sort of at the top of my list.  Small victories.  2013 was a huge year for us, but I have a feeling 2014 will be the one to beat it.  We’ll get to celebrate our first anniversary and hopefully a million other things.  Happy New Year, blogosphere…here’s hoping I actually hang out here more this year!
Mcguire Wedding 6-22-668
Keith was pretty pleased with himself here.  He decided to surprise me by coming out dressed all in camouflage before leaving the church.  (I framed this one.)


Elizabeth said...

I LOVE that wedding picture!! SO cute!

Katie said...

i need to spend much more time reading that bible - that is a struggle for me lately and i need to work on it!