Hello There

     Remember that one time I said, “I’ll never go another month without blogging…”?  Well…here I am a month from my last post.  Lame.  Apparently there are people in this world who manage to be wives and mothers and workers and bloggers…I am not one of those people.  I’m struggling to manage wife and work.  Naturally, my time on the computer doesn’t generally make the list of top priorities, but don’t be discouraged; I think of you sweeties often (and guiltily).
     For the past month, I have been enjoying life by the light of my Christmas tree.  It technically hasn’t been the whole month, but my decorations have been up since 10th.  All three full-size trees and all three table top trees…plus the nativities!


No apologies for the blurry phone pictures (except for the one of the white tree…that’s pretty bad).

From top: the main tree (with the most fun, glittery pick things ever at the top), a close up of the best tree skirt ever plus my adorable wrapping paper, my silver tree – LOVE, Keith’s hunting tablescape (don’t be fooled…he may not have even noticed its presence), my fun tree – all brights, only the most fun, gigantic ceramic tree ever (made by my nana)

     IIIIII might be slightly out of control.  My family and I have a shared photo stream that is 90% Christmas décor.  I just realized that I have no pictures of my nativities #sinner…

     In other news, I have been busy busy making (and thinking of) delicious things to eat for Thanksgiving and am pleased to report that my first attempt at making a chess pie was a rousing success.  I’m making another one Saturday…I’ll try to take a picture and possibly consider posting a recipe.  (If you’re holding your breath at this point…I kind of feel sorry for you.)
     I hope each of you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and have full bellies and even fuller hearts!  Enjoy your shopping (if you go for that sort of thing).  I’ll be on the couch with the door locked avoiding the crazies driving all over town.

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