Chatting With the Decor

     As per youzh, I was perusing my blogs the other day when I see (…hear?) this conversation between Sherry (we’re on a first name basis)  and Jonathan Adler (who I’m not trendy enough to know that much about).  I think the Young House Lovers are just adorable, so I’m listening along when I’m stopped by this gem,

“Alright, I’m gonna get real here. The #1 thing I would say is come up with three words to describe what you want your house to say. So like a three word brand identify for your house – and work backwards from there." – Jonathan Adler

     It’s been like two hours, and now I’m stuck trying to hear what my house is saying.  I’m looking around, but the décor isn’t especially chatty tonight.  Pinterest is always up for a good heart to heart though…


Derek's Practical Magic kitchen 2


     Got it!  Cozy, relaxed, striking.  I want my home to be a home…not just a house I live in.  I should be able to walk around in pajamas and not feel like like my décor is judging me.  Every room should be inviting…like we could just hang out in there.  It should leave an impression on people; not just the stuff but the feel of it all.
     Mind you all my house dreaming is just that…but I like to think the things I collect now will be part of my forever home – like my sassy green chair.  She’s never going anywhere.  In the mean time, I’ll just keep decorating vicariously…that’s what the blogosphere is for.

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