Worship Under the Stars

     Last night my church hosted Worship Under the Stars, a community worship event.  We partnered with several area churches to sing praise and celebrate.


     We had the best time.  The choir included about 400 people from different churches, and the crowd had about 2,000!  The whole event was held at a local outdoor amphitheater, and I was so encouraged to see (and hear) everyone come together.

From top left: (1) the crowd picnicking before the concert, (2) just before we started, (3) the choir…the part I could see anyway, (4) the amphitheater, (5 & 6) the final song, “Let the Light Shine,” everyone had glowsticks!

     I wish all of you could have been there!  Before the concert there was a picnic, jumpers for the kids, and a petting zoo.  I know it seems redundant, but I was so excited to watch as the Lord worked everything out for us.  We were blessed with no rain and temperatures that were not quite as hot as they could have been (but still pretty warm). 
     Even though I had been going nonstop all day long, I was so glad to spend the last few hours of my night here.  My heart is so full right now!

     One final thought for today that I have really been mulling over (and loving)…

Your prayers matter!

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