Things I Need…and Don’t Need

     Let’s talk about some things I need…and don’t need lately.  Let’s start with the needs.

Fabric leaves. Love!

1. Fall.  I’m not asking for it to be 50 degrees or anything…but 70 (…dare I say 67?) would be great.  I’m just a little bit done with upper 80s.  Also, I’ve sworn not to wear actual pants until actual fall (and then only weather permitting), and I’m getting a little tired of wearing the same few options in different rotations. 


2. Halloween.  I am ready to curl up with a blanket and watch Hocus Pocus thirty-seven times in a row.  Plus I found this little (…two foot tall) cutie at TJ Maxx and I’m ready to set her out.  She glows!

3. aaaaaand…fall TV!  I can only watch the same reruns so many times.  Seriously.  I’ve seen every episode of everything…

     Now…some things I don’t need.

1. My neighbor continuing to take up two parking places (one of which is the one I claimed when I moved in…people should know these things).  Now I’m teaching him/her (I haven’t actually seen him/her) a lesson.  I’m just passive-aggressively taking the spot(s) closest.  I refuse to park by the raccoon infested trashcans…move over, neighbor.

shower time

2. People making snide comments about my students.  Oh you’ve never seen a temper tantrum before?  How have you made it so long as a teacher?  And furthermore…ugh. 

nurse tat...this is literally the dumbest thing I've ever seen

3. To ever see this in real life…I don’t even…no.  Just no.

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