Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy Fall, Y’all…and a Crafty

     Happy first day of fall!  In honor of one of my favorite seasons, I’ve got my house all decorated for our first fall holiday – Halloween!  I’ve already introduced you to my first, fun purchase:


   She’s sitting proudly on the counter (glowing like a creep in the dark).  Anyway…so I’m browsing Twitter this morning when I see this link and fall in absolute love.  Y’all know how I feel about a bargain…and holiday decorations (hello…just take a look at my Pinterest), so first thing after church, I hightailed it to the Dollar Tree and gathered up a few Christmas village pieces and some creepy cloth.


     They look so sweet…for now.  After stopping for this little photo-op (you’re welcome), I put these on the cardboard and introduced them to their fate (or just a can of black spray paint).  To make sure they were all coated, I turned them upside down and hit them with the paint again…especially on the edges and the trees.  While the glue is still wet it would be so cute to fancy them up with black glitter!

The finished product nestled among some creepy cloth.

     This was such a fun little project and definitely has me excited to keep decorating my little space!  I also love that this is so versatile.  You could do as much as you want and make it as fancy as you want.  I may keep adding to this throughout the season (or even within the next few years…as long as Dollar Tree keeps stocking the village)! 
     I’m still looking for a fall or Halloween pretty to go on my burlap wreath, but for now, I am pretty satisfied with my décor!  Here’s what else is going on…



     Coordinating tea towels for the oven handle…every holiday should have them (the one with the words all over it is hanging there now…I’ve got to find a cute place to put the striped one).  The plate is just a little cutie I found at Hobby Lobby years ago.  It’s just been waiting for me to have a house to decorate. 
     I hope you’ve all been decorating up a storm today!  My plan is to keep the Halloween stuff up during October, switch to fall/Thanksgiving the first of November, and then make the big jump to CHRISTMAS (possibly taking advantage of the Dollar Tree village again using this fun post) the day after Thanksgiving…if I can wait that long.  I do have some other fall cuties scattered around so they’ll get their fair share of use too.  Happy fall, y’all! (Let’s keep our fingers crossed for cooler temps!)

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