Fathers’ Day

     I have loved getting to read some of your sweet Fathers’ Day posts, and the Facebook pictures of everyone with their dads have been so adorable…but hold on to your hat people.  I have something better than pictures (a good thing since my daddy isn’t a fan of them anyway)…

     Thank you.  Please don’t think that those two words are a cop out, and that I don’t want to list lots of fabulous things you do for me…they’re the only ones that can really encompass all of it.  You have set the standard for every man in my life, and not many can compare.  The term “jack-of-all-trades” does not even begin to describe you, but it' might be the closest I can get.  I’m so thankful to have known for my entire life that you love all of us so much.  Love is not perfectly eloquent words (although you do have a way with words).  Love is the thoughtful way you’ve led our family for the past twenty-seven years.

My daddy got these for us to use at the wedding…who else would think of going to the sawmill, talking to the worker for a half hour, and coming back with something this perfect?! 

Let’s review:
     1.  Jack-of-all-trades.
          - Found awesome tree pieces for my wedding
          - Knows the answer to every questions (always ask Daddy first…then Google)
          - Makes incredible baked spaghetti
          - Is the artist of 90% of the art hanging on the walls in our house
          - Made a beautiful headboard and matching side tables for their bed (I’ll have to show you pictures!)
          - Need I go on?

     2.  Watches Frasier with me.

     3.  Laughs at all my jokes…even if I have to ask him to.

     4.  So. stinking. smart. 

     I’m getting married this weekend, but I will always need my daddy.  Always.  Who else is going to fix my computer?!  I surely do love you!


Kerrie Williams said...

ahh! THIS WEEKEND! So exciting! And happy father's day to your daddy :)

Katie said...

what a sweet letter to your dad! and YEAH for your wedding! i can't wait to see pictures of your beautiful self!!