Being a Grown Up

     It’s a red letter day.  Keith and I have signed a lease on our first place!  Currently neither of us are living there, but with jobs and everything up in the air, it can remain fluid for awhile…
     The most important thing is that we have somewhere to live and I love it.  Details? It’s a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment in a fourplex.  Irony?  My sister and brother-in-law lived in the same little neighborhood in an apartment about two buildings over from ours – same layout and everything. 
     I know I can’t go crazy and do tons of fun Pinterest-type projects, but I am so looking forward to making this place ours. 

The view from the front door.

     …it may be furniture-less for awhile.  Oh well…at least it’s ours.  I absolutely cannot wait to really get settled and share my befores and afters with all of you.  It will definitely be a work-in-progress for awhile, but I’ll do my best to keep you updated!


Kerrie Williams said...

fun! I love the floors!

RitaMarie said...

Congratulations! Those floors are gorgeous!