Cake is the Most Important Thing

     It’s been a minute since we’ve talked wedding.  There are only about 600 new developments and three ridiculous dreams.  I’ll be starting with the new developments.
  • Never ever ever ever ever ever ever (I’m serious) get married on June 22.  I’m not trying to hog the day and say that it should be a national holiday just for me or anything…although I like the sound of that.  This is real advice.  Every single pastor you ask to officiate will be out of town.  Every. Single. One.  Keith and I just asked our fifth pastor to officiate.  He thinks he’ll be able to…I’m holding off on any and all excitement until I know for sure.  It’s a good thing I know every pastor at my church…I wouldn’t have wanted to have to just find any old body.
  • We have cake!  My mother and I met with the cake people and talked ideas, and that is set.  We got to sample some too…obviously that’s the most important thing.  I’ve sent a few pictures so they know what we’re looking for, and I cannot wait.  These are the same people who did my sister’s wedding cake, and we knew from the first minute of planning that we wanted the same.  I am not kidding you when I say this cake is sinful.  So. Incredibly. Good.  They don’t do the traditional all white, dry, tasteless wedding cake.  I just think if you pay for cake it should be good.  Really good.  They don’t do shortening and egg whites.  This is a real eggs and butter cake with buttercream frosting…no fondant.  I can’t wait.
Our plan is to combine these two cakes.  The bottom layer will be fluffy like the one on the right and then alternating up – fluffy, flat, fluffy, flat (four layers).  I’m still not sure what our plans are for a topper, but I’m on the hunt.
  • I’m heading back to Ballew Bridal tomorrow to pick up my veil.  I still love it.  I’ll be coming home and putting the dress and veil on together.  If only I could wear it every day…
  • Now onto these dreams.
    • 1.  A few months ago I woke up sad and angry because in my dream Keith had turned our wedding into some sort of laser show.  It was ridiculous.  No one was there that was supposed to be, and there were laserslasers
    • 2.  Several days ago I dreamed that my church booked another wedding on the same day as mine.  I don’t feel like this needs any more explanation.  Also…someone had brought a kite to the church. 
    • 3.  Last night, I had probably the worst wedding dream ever.  I had taken my dress to be altered, and they cut the bottom of my dress (which I’m still not telling you about) off and sewn it onto my veil.  My dress was jagged and knee-length, and my veil was cathedral length.  It was all orange.
     The woes of wedding planning.  I’m trying my very best to have zero wedding stress, but it’s been a difficult few weeks.  I’m so excited to see everything come together though that it’s all worth it.  We still have to pick out invitations and suits/tuxes (haven’t decided which) for the men to wear – hopefully soon.  Aaaaaaand…we’re registering next weekend!  I can’t wait.  I’ve been doing lots of research and am so excited to outfit my future home.  I’ll definitely have to recap all of that.


Ashlee said...

I had CRAAAAZY wedding dreams too! And then, real life happened and my dress was actually hemed the wrong way 2 days before the wedding and our entire house flooded 4 days before the wedding. BUT, we still had the perfect day. So even if all Hell breaks loose (literally it did for us) your day will still be perfect!!! Even if you do have to start off the first 80 days of married life living in a hotel :) haha!

aimymichelle said...

whenever i get married i'm probably just going to elope

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