Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Wreaths…Oh and Ice Cream

Has there ever been anything cuter?

     If you’re following my newly created Twitter, you may have seen this little gem the other day.  My sister and her husband just bought their first house, and she has been begging for a burlap wreath for her new door.  I made this for her for Christmas, and Saturday was move-in/wreath-hanging day. 
     I have big plans for this little wreath.  Let me explain.  The S is removable, and I’m thinking it can be changed out seasonally.  A heart for Valentine’s Day, a leaf for fall, something Christmasy for Christmas…you get the idea.  I just hot glued floral wire onto the back of the S and twisted it tight to the wreath.  The making of the wreath was so, so easy.  I got four yards of burlap and cut in in half lengthwise so it wasn’t so wide.  The wreath form was wire with little wires sticking out all over (just a basic floral wreath form).  I started in one spot, twisted the wires around my burlap, bunched it up, and used the next wires to secure it again.  Just do this all the way around.  In some places, I stuck the wires through the burlap to give it more poof.  So easy.  The whole thing took less than 30 minutes.  My kind of project.  I kind of want to make a ton of them now.

     I’ve been keeping busy for the past few days substituting at the day care and applying for jobs.  I’ve got a few things I’m looking at, and I am praying for a positive response.  I’m also praying for God’s timing and His will.  As much as I want a job, I need to know that it’s in His will.  I don’t want to take a job that’s not right…but I really want a job.  That creates a little conflict.  I pray for peace about twice as often as I do for a job.

     On the lighter side of things, I think the fact that I look twelve is seriously hindering my job hunting.  I can only look as mature as I can look without seeming silly.  I can’t help my face or hair or height.  Maybe I’ll invest in a cane or start wearing my glasses all the time.  Who knows…

     Switching gears again, my parents are getting to go to New York City for the first time!  I’ve been, but I was only in fourth grade.  I would love to go again as an adult, and they’re getting to do it.  They are going to have the best time.  (By the by…when I said “go again as an adult,” I meant walk around, look at cool stuff, and eat. A lot.)

That’s life lately.  Not too busy.  Lots of looking ahead.  Oh, and the ice cream in the freezer.


Faison said...

This wreath is fantastic! Great job!

Septorinoplasti drew said...

Thanks for the plug-in information and also the ways and reasons to use it. Great post and information.

Katie said...

that wreath is beautiful!!!