Thursday, January 31, 2013

Life and OOTDs

*Insert requisite apology for being such a lame blogger*

     I’m not really sorry, but I do have so much to share with you.  The first (and hugest and most important) is that prayer works.  God hears prayer and answers.  It may not always be in the expected way (I’ve found it usually isn’t), but it is an answer, and it is perfect.
     You probably remember the whining talking I did about how waiting for a job was hard.  It was.  I didn’t enjoy it, and I’m glad it’s over…for now.  Friday, after about a month of on and off work at the daycare and about a million resumes passed out, I got the call(s).

Let me give you a timeline.
8:30 – Wake up…move to couch.
8:30– 9:30 – Watch Frasier, eat cereal, read blogs…be lazy.
9:30 – Shower
9:45 – 10:00 – Blow dry my hair, wander around picking up clothes in my room and drinking water.
*I’m so exciting*
10:41 – Get a call about subbing for three weeks in a three-year old preschool class (starting Monday).  Yes…obv.
10:45 – Call my sister.
11:00 – Get a call about a maternity leave in a different county.  Yes…natch.
11:05 – Call my sister again.

     I’m not bragging…I’m just not sure this happens in the real world.  What incredible providence that I’m going to be able to take both of these positions.  I started Monday at the preschool, and I am loving every minute of it.  I could tell on day one that at the end of these three weeks I am going to be so sad to leave these little sweeties!  I’m still on cloud nine.

     Switching gears entirely, I’ve been taking not the best pictures of my outfits lately for some OOTDs (Outfit of the Day…if you’re clueless like me). 

I have about 15 scarves…I figure I should wear them (every single day).

Keith may not have mastered the zoom feature…(also, that’s Blue’s ear at the bottom).

These shoes? The best $9 I’ve ever spent.

Blurry…but I love this sweater.  Love.

     Clearly I’m not the greatest picture taker.  Clearly I’m not a celeb superstar blogger.  Clearly that’s okay.

Also…go check out Kid President.  He’s hilarious (and from West Tennessee)!

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