Friday’s Letters

     It’s been a looooong time since I’ve done Friday’s Letters, and you know I can’t resist a link up…so let’s jump in.

Dear God, thank you. Thank you. Thank you for answered prayers.  Obviously you were totally aware of my heart these past few weeks, and you still saw fit to pour out blessings today.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank  you!  Dear those two school systems that called within twenty minutes of each other this morning, while I’m a little irritated at the wait, I’m willing to let it go for these two jobs!  I cannot wait to get started!  Dear these two maternity leaves I’m about to start, please be good to me.  I’m terrified/excited.  Dear veil, please be in stock tomorrow.  I want to wear you out of the store and not have to wait for you to be ordered.  Dear Keith, just three days ago was our five month pre-anniversary.  We’re almost married!  Dear wedding, please stop being so wishy-washy.  Sometimes I like for my plans to work out…take that into consideration. 

Not the greatest photo…but that’s how I’ve been smiling today - with ALL of my teeth!

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