Am I Old Enough for That…

     Today…I am no longer a student teacher.  I have to admit…it’s bittersweet.  I loved both of my placements, and even though I am so ready to be done, I’m going to miss my sweet kiddos!  One of boys cried today…twice.  As if I can handle that!  He said, “I’m going to miss you because when I smile you smile with me.”  Unless you’re made of stone…that might be one of the most precious things you’ve ever heard.
     The day didn’t start that precious.  I was running a few minutes late.  I forgot the cute little Christmas pencils I had for my class.  I stopped at the drugstore to get some more; of course they didn’t have any.  It was raining.

In spite of all that…
     They were as precious as ever, and I barely kept it together.  To top off the day, I got a call to schedule a job interview! (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)  Please say a little prayer for me next Tuesday.  It’s going to be a pretty busy week – moving home on Monday, interview Tuesday, graduation practice Thursday, and graduation (!!!!!!) Saturday.
Am I old enough for all this?
     I guess if I’m old enough to get married I can do the rest of it.  On that note, when I get  home, I will be in full wedding planning mode.  I need to get my flowers nailed down, my cake figured out, my veil, my shoes, what everyone else is wearing…basically everything except the date, the photography, and the dress (love…I want to wear it every day.  No seriously.).
I think I’ll start with a nap.


Sarah Marie said...

I know exactly how you feel, I've been there! Good luck!

Kristen said...

I totally got watery eyes after reading what the little boy said, "i'll miss you beause when I smile you smile with me".
and this is such a cute picture!!!!
and lastly, good luck!!!! =)
You're totally ready!!!

Whitney B. said...

Congratulations! Following you from the southern bloggers!