100% My Heart

     So excited for this Girl Behind the Blog day!  First things first, I love Ashley from 5OhWifey and Kerrie from The Williams Post.  If you don’t read their blogs…go now. 
     Back now?  Good.  On to today’s post.  Today’s prompt is about our favorite holiday traditions, and oh boy is that right up my alley!  I. Love. Christmas.  Naturally I have to share my faves with y’all.  Full disclosure: my video is a little too long (not too much).  Also full disclosure: I’m not apologizing for the length, because what I shared is 100% my heart at Christmastime.

Let’s have a little introduction for all you cuties who are new here!

     I’m Allyson.  You can read the condensed version of me here.  The longer version is shared in drips and drops all along the way.  I love getting to link up and meet new bloggers.  I hope you’ll stick around for a little bit!

Without further ado…

Thanks for hanging out with me today!  I hope all of you are having a wonderful Christmas.

Also...you must go check out this adorable DIY teacher gift from my sweet sponsor Kristin!  Loving it!


Kerrie said...

Allyson I just love your accent! You sound like so many of my friends here in Alabama :) Thanks for reading the Scripture, I never get tired of hearing it. Merry Christmas and thanks for linking up!

Kristen said...

loved your link up, your tree looks so fun =)

Anonymous said...

I love that you read the scripture. It's always nice to remember what this season is about. Merry Christmas!

gayle t. said...

Awesome tradition to read from Scripture. Love that. With your sweet accent, I could listen to you read all day! :)

I linked up, too, I'm at graceforgayle.blogspot.com. Merry Christmas!!