Monday, November 19, 2012

The Thief of Joy

     Hold on everybody…this week I’m going to get really honest.  Yesterday our sermon was about thankfulness…not a surprise.  What did surprise me was how thankless I’ve been feeling.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Thanksgiving, but the last few weeks have really been a struggle for me.  Given the season (and because I need this), I’m going to focus on thanksgiving (the act, not the holiday) for the next week.  I’m choosing one blessing each day, and I am going to meditate on that and pray on it and thank God for it with my whole heart.  Let’s get started…

God’s Timing

     I’m jumping in with both feet.   I’m also anticipating that this won’t be the easiest ever post to write…so I’m going to start with a list.
     1.  Salvation
     2.  Keith
     3.  College
     4.  Job
     5.  Marriage
     These are gifts, blessings that I’ve been given, and I really am thankful for them.  What I don’t have is an attitude of thankfulness about God’s timing in blessing me.  I’m a planner…I like to know what’s going on all the time, so to not know everything is a struggle for me.  I am really having to work on trusting in His timing.
     I believe that God is going to provide, but I also have to believe that He is providing in the right timing.  The hang up?  Comparison.  Hence the title.

     God’s timing for everyone else is not God’s timing for me.  I may tattoo that on my forehead.  What He is doing in my life is right because it is His plan.  Is it hard to look at my life and realize that I’m not exactly where I thought I would be?  Yes.  Is it hard to look at my life and see that it isn’t following the same timeline as most people in my family?  Yes.  Is it God’s will that I compare what He is doing in my life to what He’s done for others?  No.  I’m spending today thanking God for His timing…even when it isn’t my timing…and even when it doesn’t match other people’s timing.


Julie Marie said...

Hey allyson!! I love this thankful post.. its so true. I am so thankful for Gods timing as well. he is ALWAYS on time and knows us better than we know ourselves. You should link up to the BLESSED series we are hosting all week. I am posting a blessing each day as well, and we are hosting a link up for all the THANKFUL posts =) and giveaway for everyone who links up. You can link up as many posts as you want on being thankful!

Christina said...

I feel like that is a struggle we all face. I know I do. God's timing is perfect, but it's sometimes very difficult to wait for. Thanks for the reminder to be thankful for His perfect plan.

TicoTina said...

hey girl, I can definitely relate to this post! it gets so much harder to wait and trust God's perfect timing for us when we compare where other people are at right now... the good thing is that we will look back later and be so happy that God knew what he was doing =)