I’m Ready


was a good hair day,

and that makes up for yesterday.

     I got totally ready today, and almost left before I realized I had on not a stitch of make-up.  This is a sign that Friday is a few days late.  It has been a long week in my world.  We took a field trip on Tuesday to the Fun Farm.  We had a ball (pig races, corn mazes, animals), but I left cold and exhausted.  Then we had a guest speaker, Halloween, and the full moon.
I’m ready for a nap.

     Also, now that Halloween is over, my mind is all Christmas all the time.  The crazies (i.e. my mother, my sister, and I) will be decorating next weekend (minus the tree).  Before you think we’re crazy…there is a good reason.  My parents will be going out of town for Thanksgiving, and who wants to come home to an undecorated house?!  No one.

Can’t wait!

     Happy weekend!  It’s been a long time coming this week.  Stay tuned for more about Christmas, engagement pictures, and my veil (which I’ll be buying January…I don’t think it’s too early to start thinking about it)!


Katie said...

i agree - long week!!! I am ready for christmas decorations!!!

Kristen said...

it's been a loong month and the next one will be even longer!!!

Megan said...

Your hair looks awesome! I can't wait for Christmas. My grandma already started decorating. I'm talking ALL OUT decorating. Haha.