Hang On

     Y’all, we did it!  Christmas decorations (minus the real tree) are up at our house!  For my mother’s “birthday palooza” (a term/concept she created) we turned our house into a winter wonderland.  Of course I forgot to take a single picture…but you can get an idea of what it looks like here.  This year it’s even better…obviously.

As per usual I’m going to change subjects about five times in this post.  Hang on.

     Three weeks and two days left of school.  That’s all…but…I was fingerprinted/interviewed for a job on Friday, and I am feeling really confident about it!  I would love to graduate and have some idea of what I’m doing…other than taking a well-deserved rest.
     My.  Engagement.  Pictures.  Are.  Here.  At the 11th hour…seriously, as I was about to walk out the door, the mail came with my picture disc and I could have just hugged the mailman!  If you are in West Tennessee and considering having pictures made, you should definitely give Oh Snappy Day Photography a looksee.

I’ve been looking at them constantly!

     I hope all of you will be sticking around this week because I have a super fun GiGi New York giveaway on Wednesday!  Since I’ve been blogging, I have “discovered” (not on my own…obv) all of these incredible new companies and products, and GiGi New York/Graphic Image might just be my favorites!  I am so excited to be sharing a fun, new product with you soon.
     Last but not least…if you do something really stupid about a month before you graduate…like forget to turn in a paper…the world. will. not. end.  I had a “mini meltdown” (I put it in quotes because it’s a lie…) yesterday about a little reflection paper that I forgot to turn in, and even though I could just kick myself for being so dumb…when I woke up this morning the earth was still spinning, and God is still God.  I may not get to have a certain seal on my diploma, and I’m not sure what else will happen (surely it won’t be that bad…), but I’m going to let go.  As believers we are called to cast our cares upon Him…and leave them there.  This little snafu is not going to keep me from graduating, it’s not going to affect my health, it’s not going to affect any job I may get, and it is not going to affect the fact that God is in total control.  Am I happy that I made this  mistake?  Well of course not.  Do I wish I could just fix it, no problems?  Well obviously.  Am I going to let the enemy tell me that I have ruined everything?  Absolutely not.  I am not defined by the stamps or seals on my diploma…I’m not even defined by the diploma, so I am not letting this bother me anymore.

I think I’ll alternate between Christmas music and choir music for the rest of the day.
How about another picture…or two?


See you soon!


kendra kay said...

you are awesome! i love putting them up- dread taking them down! haha

MaggieTheMrs said...

Your engagement pictures are so wonderful! There is nothing like the mailman delivering something you've been waiting on. We felt like we waited for forever for our little one's newborn pictures. I think I checked the mailbox about three times a day until they were finally here. :)

Megan said...

Oh my gosh, these pictures are amazing!!!! They did such a great job!!!

Katie said...

what beautiful pictures! you look gorgeous!