Monday, September 24, 2012

Thrifting Zhu-Zhu

     Let’s just chat for minute about the Thrift Sale (…yes it does deserve those capital letters).  Saturday morning I woke up at 5:45 – 5:45! – to prove just how much I love a good bargain.  In spite of the early hour, standing in line, and the lady who pushed in front of me not once, but twice, I had the best thrifting zhu-zhu I’ve had in years!
     I didn’t take everything back to school with me, but I though I would give you a little preview of the things I did bring back with me.  Here we go:

I’m calling this a tunic.  Some people might wear it as a very short, very low-cut dress…but I would not be one of those people.  With a camisole underneath and some leggings, this will be so cute for church or teaching…or just being cute if the occasion calls for it!

A trench shirt!  I guess technically I could wear this as a jacket, but it’s so thin that I’ll probably use it as an over shirt with a fitted tee or tank top underneath.  It has a belt that goes with it too.

This one is not quite long enough for leggings, but will be perfect for fall with my skinny jeans and some cute boots…maybe a scarf.

These leggings still had the tags on…the $47 price tag.  That’s a negative.  These are pretty thick as far as leggings go, so I’ll be getting a lot of wear out of them come late fall and winter.

I was not so sure about crochet-backed tops when I first saw them, but for $2, I think I can afford to experiment.  This on is 3/4 sleeved so I can still wear it for awhile with more fall colored tank tops underneath.

This one is just a plain Old Navy scoop neck t-shirt thing.  I can wear it for teaching or with jeans.

     Alrighty…that’s all for pictures this time, but I can tell you a little more about my other goodies.  I also came out with a 100% silk, ivory colored blouse from Talbots with cute little ruffles at the top; it’s being dry-cleaned or I would have it.  Two Banana Republic dresses (one black, one gray) also being dry cleaned, but so cute and only $5 apiece!  I got the cutest red open sweater with flower applique around the neck and lapel…but it’s also at the cleaner.  An Old Navy tank top blouse type thing – green with little white polka dots – will have to wait until next year to be worn.  A Liz Claiborne tank top blouse type thing – also green with white polka dots – which will be perfect for teaching or regular life will also have to wait until next year.  I did get get a pink Ann Taylor Loft dress, but it fit sort of awkwardly…so it’s going to the Goodwill.
     All in all, I think that is an incredible deal for only $49!  I cannot wait to start incorporating all of this into my wardrobe.  I carried on the bargaining zhu-zhu at Kohl’s later in the day when I got the most perfect shirt for engagement pictures for 30% off the clearance price!  I’m not showing it yet, because I want y’all to be surprised when you see the pictures.  Hint: think jewel tones with some fun flats.
     Wait, did she say engagement pictures?  Why yes, yes I did.  I know I mentioned pictures here, but we’ve had a slight change of plans.  We’re moving the pictures up to the 13th, and we’ll be taking them in the Collierville Town Square.  I’ve been looking at pictures of it, and I think it’s going to be the perfect place.  Can’t wait!

Switching gears entirely.  I have three weeks (actually two weeks and four days) left at my first student teaching placement!  This is so crazy.
Also, I have some really exciting things coming up…not just engagement pictures, so I hope y’all will stick around for awhile.
P.S.  It’s practically the end of September…I mean really?  That being said, if you’re looking to sponsor for October, I would love to help you out.  Shoot me an email for more info!


Kelli Herrington said...

Look at your girl finding all these wonderful cute things

Kylie Kreikemeier said...

stopping by from the GFC hop! your newest follower! can't wait to hear from you :)