Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Too Obsessive?

     You may remember from a few days ago my family’s slightly obsessive beach planning behavior.  We make no apologies about being total loony tunes, and our packing behavior takes it one step further.  For me packing is like one giant logic puzzle, “How can I fit the most stuff into the tiniest space…so that it’s still comfortable for me to sleep in the car?”
     Here’s your answer:

Admittedly, this doesn’t look alllllll that bad.

We started with this table covered.  Not even counting our clothes, we will have 2.5 coolers, a laundry basket, a paper box, a huge green bag, our beach chairs, and our canopy.  (For reference, we are packing in Keith’s truck and my mother’s Wrangler.)  After all these years, this is no problem!


          The chip clips go in my mother’s Tervis…obv. 

     The towels ride in the laundry basket with the ice cream freezer.  In the ice cream freezer we have coffee filters, the corn kernler (because I’m afraid to eat corn on the cob after the tooth incident), salt and pepper, sprinkles, and vanilla extract. 
…that makes sense, right?


     This green bag has been around for 10+ years and holds everything: playing cards, dominos, hats, toys…I couldn’t even see what was at the bottom.  It’s like a Mary Poppins bag.

     The coolers help out too. The little one is riding with my parents.  The red one has dry non-cold stuff (i.e. my all important Saltines and Veggie Straws).  The blue one is for drinks.

Last but not least…these are packed in my belly with the other stuff so I don’t eat them all at once.
     A post solely about packing (not even my clothes) – too obsessive?  Don’t care!  We’re leaving in three days and I can’t wait.  Tomorrow I’m getting my nails done…still haven’t decided on a color, and Friday I’m getting a much-needed hair cut! 
     Happy Hump Day!

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You are a genius! My husband would love to learn your tricks, he is constantly trying to pack things the most efficient way possible. I'm going to have to show him this.

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