Thursday, August 16, 2012

Meet Susan

Talk about talent!  Not only is Susan an incredible blogger, but she takes amazing pictures and has such a sweet spirit.  Happy Thursday with Susan!

Hey guys! I’m so excited to be blogging over here at Cupcakes & Candy Canes today! Love me some Allyson :)

I’m also jealous that she is on vacation this week, and since I don’t get to be on one…I might as well blog about one. If you can’t beat them, join them! Not sure if I used that phrase properly right there-but you get the point.

Many of you don’t know me. But here is a little about me- I’m a master packer. I actually strongly despise it, but since I am ALWAYS on the road I have found that the only way to make packing tolerable is to become really good at it. I pack like I am trying to win a gold medal.

First thing is first...
*Put on some Kesha while you pack. Trust me on this…she’ll get you going.

*This is probably the most important and helpful thing I could tell you-Pack outfits, not clothes. But aren’t those the same thing? Yes. And no. For a while I would throw in a bunch of my favorite jeans, favorite tops, some jewelry, and shoes. Then I would get on vacation and have a bunch of really cute clothes, but wayyy to much…and a lot of times nothing really went together. I started to pick my favorite outfits rather than just my favorite clothes.

Here is a fancy little layout of what I would pack. 

Packing Tips

1. Start from the bottom up. Depending on how many days you are away, you can probably get away with 1-3 pairs of jeans for a week’s worth of outfits. Depending on where you are going (tropical beach our mountains?) you can switch these up between shorts and pants.

2. Next gather some basics. For me, this is usually tanks tops, basic blouses, and some casual tees.

3. Next gather a couple of tops that will bring the outfits together. Cardigans are my go-to and you can wear multiple times with different under shirts to change up the look.

4. Lastly, pick out one or two necklaces or scarves that go with everything. I usually get away with 1- but I’m not a huge jewelry wearer. I also can get away with 3 pairs of shoes (some flip-flops, flats, and maybe a nicer pair of shoes).

Okay…now that you have picked all that out. Lay them out on your bed nicely and do a quick scan. Make sure you can make an outfit for each day with what you have. I showed some possible combinations that you can make with only a few tops. I'm sure I could make a handful more...but I ran out of space, so this is all you get :)

 I usually put socks and underwear all in a zip lock back (and bring an empty to put the dirty ones in after). All of my toiletries go on the outer pocket. That way, IF they leak, you’re not getting eye liner all of your white shirts…and they are easy to access if you need to!

Hope this helps! If have a picture of some pretty clothes to look at until Allyson gets back. Come visit me at Suzels Says!


Esther Davison said...

Packing outfits is the only way to go. Seriously, we need to have good mix and match options when travelling. I try to stick to a certain color theme, like chocolate brown. Good tips, thanks!

Allison Barrett said...

Hi Allyson!
Newest follower here from Sunny with a Chance of Sprinkles. Love your name! ;)


Anonymous said...

These are great tips and exactly the concept I follow myself. I'm currently planning some outfits for a trip to Italy for a month - looking stylish without an iron can be tricky! xx

Anna (My Design Ethos)