Thursday, May 3, 2012


     Summer is officially here – actually not ‘til June, but it’s here for me (and the rest of West Tennessee).  To kick off summer, I thought I would give y’all a few updates about me and general summery thoughts!
1.  I’ve got a new job this summer, and I am so excited about it!  It’s another daycare job, but just from the few meetings I’ve had with the director, I can tell I’m really going to love it.  The theme for the summer program is “Around the World,” and I’m working with the kids going into second, third, and fourth grade.  Even though I usually work with the babies, this is going to be such great practice to have right before student teaching!
2.  My mission for the summer is to stock up on teacher-appropriate clothes.  I’m okay in the tops department, but I am in desperate need of pants! 
3.  Back to the job – I don’t officially start work for a couple of weeks, and while that obviously means I won’t be getting paid…why would I ever complain about a break?!  Also, the director said she likes to schedule employees four long days and one day off a week…love.  I never mind working a couple of extra hours, and any day off is going to be so nice!
4.  I (and my mother) unpacked and reorganized my school stuff – another check off the 101 in 1001 – today (and yesterday), and I still cannot believe that I only have to move one more time.  I never like to wish my life away, but I am pretty sure that this summer/next semester is going to fly by.

Before.  My stuff does not always look like this – until I unpack that orange crate and green file folder.

The file folder before.  It was a pitiful mix of my personal papers and my lesson plans and activities.

After.  I’m still planning to get sticky tabs so that my subsections in the math and science sections look tidier.

5.  Finally, in true summer fashion, we had bacon and tomato sandwiches for supper and ate on the patio.  It was so nice.  I indulged in my second Coke of the day (as a reward for all the organizing) and a bowl of vanilla ice cream.


Perfect summer weather.

A little indulgence.

A little begging (from both parties).

P.S.  I got my ring inspected and cleaned today – so sparkly.  It makes me a billion times more aware of it (which I so did not think was possible), and the lady who cleaned it asked about the wedding.  Even though we don’t have real plans yet aside from the date (June 22, 2013), it’s so nice to be asked and to talk about it!

I hope your summer is off to a wonderful start!



Valerie Griffin said...

Did I know you lived in West TN?! Maybe I did & I forgot! haha

Are you in Memphis???

Jennifer said...

Love your blog! I'm an East Tennessean. ;o) I look forward to reading about the "west side". Found your blog via Kelly's Korner.

I blog at

lori said...

the new job sounds great, i would love working 4 long days to be off one a week!! im sure you will enjoy that... especially during the summertime.

Emily said...

Hello fellow West Tennessean! Nice to find your blog!

Nicole said...

Just found your blog through Kelly's link up!! Where are you from?? I live right outside of memphis and I am an education major at Ole Miss!

Meg {henninglove} said...

believe me the time will go by fast until june 22, 2013!! and congrats on officially being on summer break. wish i had a summer break but that ended 6 years ago :-(

Heather's Heart said...

What a great summer job! I would love to teach 4 days a week!

Your fur babies are precious!

Heather's Heart

Allyson said...

Stopping my from Kelly's Korner! I am not from TN but I wanted to say I love the way you spell your name :)
Cute Blog!

Megan said...

YUM! That ice cream looks amazing! I could use some of that right now! I need to get my ring cleaned, too. It's so dull right now!

The Remodeled Life said...

Congrats on the summer job! I love a good bacon and tomato sandwich in the summer...must be a southern thing.