Friday, March 23, 2012

Weekend Plans

    I have to confess…my weekend started yesterday (as it does every week)!  I’m still going to post another I Know and I Don’t (probably tomorrow…) so that we’re back on track plus we’re going to make French toast casserole…so I’ll post about that too!
    This weekend everybody is going to be home, and I could not be more excited.  We have about a million things to do, but they’re all going to be so fun!
        1.  Dyeing Easter eggs with Della.
        2.  Shopping for Easter dresses.
        3.  Going to see the Hunger Games (a sort of “double date” with Keith – the fiancé, Natalie – the sister, and Cory – the brother-in-law).
        4.  Making French toast casserole.
        5.  Laundry…not so fun, but terribly necessary.
        6.  Church.
    I love weekends at home!  For some reason they are so much more restful than weekends at school, and it is one of my favorite things in the world to spend time with my whole family.
    I hope that all of your weekends are wonderful!  Also, just in case you haven’t seen, there is a new page on the right sidebar with information about advertising (which will now be done on a monthly basis).  

Happy Weekending!


Kelli Herrington said...

Sounds like a busy fun planned weekend. I love French toast casseroles and cant wait to see which variation you make. Please share. I need to find an Easter dress as well. Spring is def in the air

Allyson said...

I will definitely share - I am so excited about it. I love springtime, and since I haven't had a new Easter dress in awhile, that's pretty exciting too!

Amy {Fresh and Fancy} said...

your weekend sounds fabulous! i'm going to see The Hunger Games too! Can't wait!

Laura said...

I think I need the recipe to French Toast Casserole! YUM!!

Peace, Love, and First Grade

Allyson said...

It was soooo good! And the French toast casserole - amazing!

Allyson said...

Just ate it - incredible. I'm going to post it probably tomorrow!