Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Sponsors

     I absolutely cannot believe that it is the last day of March!  I feel like this whole year (…all three months of it) has just flown by – and that’s a little scary because I have a lot to do this year.  Before I leap headlong into April, I wanted to introduce you to the final batch of March sponsors.  They’ve been hanging out on my right side bar all month, and I hope you’ve visited them.
Lisa at Sew Gloried
     Hello!  My name is Lisa and I am the author of the Sew Gloried blog.  I had dabbled in the blog world before with a blog of some attempted poetry.  Why I started a poetry blog is sort of beyond me since I don't enjoy writing essays, reports...poetry.  But I do enjoy doing and I'd much rather write about things that I've done or am doing for the purpose of hoping to be an encouragement to the creative mind of those who read :)
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Torie at Lattes and Love
     Hi, there! I'm Torie, a writer, dreamer, lover, and caffeine addict with faith and a love for the simple things, the little joys. You'll find a bit of everything on here from tales of my adventures with the boyfriend to my adventures in everything else.
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Britt at The Magnolia Pair
     Hey y'all ! I'm Britt, and I blog over at The Magnolia Pair! With my husband in medical school I have a lot of free time, so thanks to my new found love of blogging, I enjoy to write about cooking, fashion, photography, and our puppy! I am very laissez faire and enjoy a good belly laugh over watching my favorite youtube videos. Come on over and say hello!
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Melanie at Keeping Up with the Cantelmos
     Hi, I’m Melanie.  When I’m not being a wife or mommy – I write, dream, create, and encourage.  Here I share my life, memories, dreams, and passions.  Thank you for stopping by.  I hope I can bless and encourage you today.
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     Well…there you have it – my final March post.  I still can’t believe it.  I’ll be back tomorrow with new sponsors and a new post.  Happy April!


Sacha♥ said...

they are great. thank for sharing

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Good Luck

With Glitter On Top said...

new follower to your blog :):) its adorable, I love it! please come check mine out as well :D