Flashback Friday

    I absolutely love old pictures (and we have about a million of them), so just for funsies I thought I might share with you.  This probably won't become some sort of full blown series, but I think every once in awhile it's fun to shake things up a little.

This is my Jerry (my mother's daddy) playing with his band, James Roberts' First National Band (...he thought that was especially clever - First National Bank/First National Band).  I still listen to their record sometimes, and I never get tired of looking at old pictures.  I may post some more as I come across them.  I have some precious ones of my daddy when he was little bitty.

Happy weekend!


Sarah said...

I love old pictures too! I think it's fascinating to see family members when they were young. Pictures of my grandpa as a new dad in the early 60s holding my mom as an infant are some of my favorites! The pictures have such a rich history to tell.

Thanks, as well, for commenting on my blog. From reading your posts, I can tell that we have a lot in common! I'm actually an early childhood education student currently!

Have a great weekend!


Allyson said...

Thanks for your sweet comment! I am really enjoying following your blog, and I hope your loving your major as much as I am!