Sewing, Scarves...and Santa?

I  finally did it! Pinterest is no longer solely a time-waster; I made something I pinned!

This little thing is SO popular on Pinterest, and I jumped right on the loving it bandwagon.
Like everyone else I was devastated to find out that the link is to a German website where you can buy it...not as much fun. It didn't take long to find some people who had this same problem.

Megan over at Making Lemonade has a great tutorial that I used to make my very own (...and one for my mother of course).

I made a red and gray one too, and I love it! I would have written my own tutorial...but you don't really want to be along for that ride. My only suggestion is that it can be a little difficult to cut the t-shirts, so I cut the sleeves and neck/shoulders off completely so that they were in rectangles. I think the next time I make one, I'll probably just buy some fabric. That way I can have perfect rectangles, and the scarf will be a little longer...but I still love mine!

I feel accomplished. Now I can tell people that I actually made something I pinned. I'm planning on doing way more's almost CHRISTMAS! I have a lot planned for Christmas - crafty and otherwise. In a few weeks, my sister and I are going to see White Christmas at the Orpheum! I am so excited...after that it's onto Thanksgiving, decorating, gift-giving, and whatever else Christmas brings our way!

I'll keep you posted...promise!

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Natalie said...

I'm so happy my favorite blogger is posting again! Cute scarf! Also.....WHITE CHRISTMAS!!!