Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bow Frenzy

This week has been a veritable frenzy of bow making!  After a friend from work asked for a couple of bows for her niece, my aunt asked a few days later for bows for my cousin! I already had one planned for my niece...that makes seven.

Two for my friend's niece! (Side note: I LOVE Fall...making these made me so ready for it!)

One, two, three, four for my cousin!  She can only wear orange, black, and white to school...hence the color theme.

One more for Della.  It matches this adorable outfit with a flamingo on it...perfect for the beach! bows in two days...not too shabby if I do say so myself.  I LOVE hair bows...probably more than anyone should, so of course I relish any chance to make some.  On that note, be expecting another post very, very soon about another something adorable that I made for includes a hair bow!
Aside from that, you can be expecting some musings about fabric, ideas, Pinterest, school, and the beach!
I have two more weeks of summer, and I am NOT going to waste them!  Of course, I won't be wasting the school year either...lots more to come!

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