Wednesday, July 20, 2011

This week (ok...weekend) I have about 876763 things that I am finally going to finish! I have all of these adorable crafty ideas that I've been meaning to's easy to lose motivation at the end of the day though.
That being said, I'm posting my to-do list. Partially so that I know what I have to do...and partially so that I can drum up some motivation.

* Finish those adorable ruffly flower shorts...mentioned here.
* Make a shirt with a fish on it for my niece.
* Make a hair bow to go with the fish shirt.
* Make a hair bow to go with another outfit.
* Sew a button on a pair of shorts (if I didn't list it I would forget it!)
* Possibly add something cute to a pillowcase dress I made.

I think that's all. It doesn't seem like much...until I get comfortable.

So there you have it! Not the flashiest or best post ever - but effective.

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