Saturday, May 14, 2011

To-Do List

It’s finally summer!  I have finished my second year of school, and I am so thrilled to have more time for everything…especially my craft journey.  I promise to post much more this summer than I have been – there will be a lot going on.  Aside from the incredible pie (preview: it’s called Chocolate Marshmallow Mousse) I made yesterday, I have plenty of crafty ideas to try this summer. Also…I’m finally getting a sewing machine!  After I tell you all about this pie, I’m going to let you in on what will be going on.

Here we go:
A few days ago I was watching an adorable little movie.  In the movie someone spoke words that literally stopped me in my tracks…Marshmallow Pie.  I know.  Naturally, I stopped working on the paper that was due and immediately started searching for Marshmallow Pie recipes.  After a few that didn’t quite speak to me I found this.  As soon as I moved home for the summer I made it my mission to concoct this masterpiece.  After my second day of work I headed straight for the grocery store to stock up on ingredients.  As per usual, I got to the grocery store around 5 o’clock on a Friday afternoon…in the rain.  Allow me to clarify; by “rain” I of course mean a torrential downpour, wind, and the tornado sirens. 
I really wanted this pie.
I swam back to my car and drove home.
Although the recipe is obviously divine on it’s own, I tweaked it just a smidge.  After I let the mixture cool for the first time, I put it over low heat so that my marshmallows would melt…and then…I added a generous dollop of marshmallow cream!

What a sight!
p.s.  I will not judge you if you a) cannot wait until it sets up to eat it or b) lick the mixing bowl.

Now for my to-dos:
1.  Get my sewing machine!
2.  Pillowcase shorts for my niece.
3.  Probably a ton of “appliqued” shirts for my niece.
4.  HAIRBOWS to match every outfit for my niece at the beach.
*  Noticing a theme?
5.  More work on my “quilt".”
6.  Doily lantern…for my niece.
7.  Book pages wreath…for my niece.
*  I’m sure there’s more…maybe even for me.
I promise to post more.
I can’t wait!


Sarah, Three Boys said...

My secret weakness is pie! Now I will have to make this. It looks delicious. And no I will not wait for it to set up and yes I will eat then entire thing by myself and I am NOT kidding even a little. I...... LOVE........PIE!!!

Allyson said...

I do too...this one was like a wonderful marriage of chocolate pudding, marshmallowy goodness, and of course pie! I also unashamedly made extra whipped cream for the top!