Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Little Break

Even though I have thus far only posted my dabbles in the craft world, this is my blog, and today I'm taking a different direction. I want this blog to completely reflect me...and all that that entails. That being said (and because I want an excuse to have more posts), I'm going to post a little something I wrote a few months ago. I go back and read it from time to time, and it always reminds me of the things I like (about myself and otherwise). Sometimes I think everybody needs some encouragement, so that's what I'm here for today!

I believe in a hill called Mt. Calvary…whatever the cost. I believe that believing that trumps the mistakes that I make. I believe I should try to make less of those. I believe that this is nowhere near the best that things will be. I believe that if you’re doing it right, life gets better overall all the time. I believe that the people who matter don’t look for faults. They have already seen them and let them go. They also spell your name right. I believe that the best relationships don’t need constant conversation and entertainment. They can handle silence and even think it’s comfortable. I believe that what you know in your heart is more important than what other people say. That being said, I believe that if you don’t want people to talk about you, you shouldn’t broadcast. What you want people to know doesn’t have to be said aloud. It should be quietly obvious. I believe that a Coke is calming, and cupcakes are by far the best form of cake. I believe that a nap is wonderful medicine best if taken with a zebra cake (Christmas tree cake in season) and a Coke. I believe that high standards make you a catch not picky. The Life is Good store told me that “the little things in life are the big things.” I believe that too. I believe that turnabout is fair play, and you shouldn’t dish out what you can’t take. I believe that trust, respect, and sympathy are earned and can therefore be lost; it will be much harder to earn them the second time around; you can believe that. I believe that I am entitled to my opinions, and you are too. If I don’t like yours I won’t pay them much mind; you can do the same. I believe that the closest friends overlook the element of competition because it’s silly not because it doesn’t exist. They also talk to you, with you, and over you if need be but not about you. I believe that Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood is one of the truest most insightful books about all sorts of relationships…not just friendship. The element of comfort in a relationship should never be taken for granted; tension is wearing and a waste of energy – I firmly believe that. The best sorts of relationships, whether personal or not, build up others and yourself. I believe that it’s easier to grow into love than fall into it. I believe that love is surprising and welcome and unbelievably comfortable. I believe that God puts exactly the right people into our lives at the exact right time. I believe that He answers prayers in unexpected but perfect ways, and I believe that we should take more note of this and say “thank you.” I believe in being comfortable, happy, and content. I believe that letting go and moving on are two of the most freeing things you can do. Fresh starts are scary and welcome at the same time, and I believe that even though it’s hard to believe that everything will be okay…it will be; believe me.

Well...there's that. I hope you're all having a WONDERFUL's birthday month, you know!

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Rachel said...

I can tell you like Coke because you mentioned it more than once... :P