Friday, March 25, 2011


After I made that first bow, I was naturally I showed it off to everyone. One of my friends asked if I could please make her one to match her boyfriend's bow tie. The bow tie is purple and gold striped for his fraternity, so I knew I wanted the bow to be shiny and fancy too!

This one was so different from the first. I used wired ribbon (because I liked the color best), and that made it a little harder to work with. I did invest in some craft wire and Fray Check, so in those respects it was easier. After I made the purple part, I wove the gold through so that it wasn't quite so bulky (plus it mirrors the stripes on the bow tie!).

I love it...everyone keeps telling me that I could make a fortune selling them in all sorority colors or just in general...we'll see!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Hair Bows

Yet another new adventure - bow making! Today, I made my first ever hair bow for my niece. Using 23 inches of "Funky Giraffe" green ribbon and a pink rhinestone, I fashioned possibly the most adorable bow ever (so far). I would give instructions for how to do it, but after reading 2,458,566,523 different instructions, I ended up just combining them all into one.

I am happy with how it turned out, and I fully intend to make more.
If you can make sense of the pictures, you might be able to figure out sort of how I accomplished it.

All folded and clipped in place!

Stitched together.

From the back with the piece I used to attach it to the clip.

Finishing touches!


I'm not nearly as cute of a model as my niece...but you get the idea!