Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Little Something Snowy

After yet another dusting of snow, I decided I would share something a little more on topic than the springy pillowcase dress of last time. One of my very favorite parts of snow days (aside from canceled classes and the snow itself) is making snow cream! In addition to being ridiculously simple to make, snow cream makes me feel much less guilty than indulging in a huge bowl of ice cream...I'll explain why in a minute. Although I usually have my mother make it for me (because like most things,snow cream is better when someone else makes it for you), this past weekend I myself made two batches of snow cream!

How-To (for everyone still snowed in...and the hopeful ones)
You will need:
> Milk
> Sugar
> Vanilla Extract (artificial vanilla)

1. In as many bowls as you want to make servings, fill the bowl(s) about halfway full of milk.

2. Pour all of the milk from the bowls into one large bowl. Add about 1/3 of a cup of sugar for each serving you want, and stir until the sugar is mostly (or completely) dissolved.

3. Add a splash of vanilla (to taste), and stir again until mixed.

Here you can just barely see what your snow cream will look like (pre-snow of course).

4. Dish out the liquid into bowls, and add snow (more than you would think you need).

5. Mix and enjoy!

* I tell myself that this is healthier because as the snow melts you can keep adding more and more. This way you're essentially adding water and getting the same amount of the sugary part!

I hope all of you who are snowed in are warm and safe...but if you can brave the weather for a few minutes, harvest some snow and treat yourselves!

p.s. I just bought knitting needles and yarn, so expect a forthcoming comedy of errors about my adventures in knitting!


Carol in Indian Springs Village said...

Hello; I found you through Rhoda's blog. I am originally from Union City, TN so I know where UT Martin is. Looking forward to reading your blog posts!

Allyson said...

Thanks! I'm a little behind on posting right now, but I've got a few things I'm working on!